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شجره نامه فاميل شاه سياه – چهره گشا – شهند

Taj Mahal at Agra, India

Taj Mahal at Agra, India (Aug. 2011)

Cairo القاهرة‎‎ Egypt (July 2008)

محّمد فرقانيان (Oh Jung-Su) 오정수 (Mohammad Forgani)
– Born in Isfahan (بچه محله اليادران), Iran
– Married in South Korea
– Live in Dortmund, Germany
– Work at an American Company
Isfahan - 33pol

Si-o-se Pol (سی وسه پل‎) Isfahan Iran (August 2013)






Budapest, Ungarn

Budapest, Hungary (July 2018)


Angkor Wat, Kambodscha

Angkor Wat, Kambodscha (July 2012)


Prag, (Praha) Aug. 2016


B.S. in physics of building materials, Tehran Technical College
B.S. in Electronics & Communication, Dortmund Technical College (Sep.87 – Aug.91)
Certificates, Conferences
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 1998
Oracle, PL/SQl and Sqlplus programming studies certificates
Conferences attended: Open Source Developer, Java (EJB) SunAstronomy, Professional Trainer in Electronic as Radio & TV Technician, Tehran
(آموزشگاه راديو و تلويزيون مقدم سال ۱۳۵۸)
Private Far Schools Shiraz Astronomy
(۱۳۶۱دانشکده ازاد اختر شناسي شيراز)

مدرسه مفيد اسلامى (اصفهان چهارسوق)
دبيرستان خرد (خيابان خرم)
هنرستان شماره يك اصفهان (هنرستان فنی ابوذر) و ديپلم رياضي
مدرسه عالى ساختمان (دانشگاه پلى تكنيك) پاک سازي شد.

جبهه مخابرات لشکر امام حسين

CGI programming
Perl and php for CGI/shell/network, ConceptWave Developer
HTML/JavaScript, Java and Java Servlet, CSS and XML Shell scripting, bash/ksh
System Support : DHCP, DNS, Firewall, FTP, Apache, IIS, sendmail etc.
ORACLE, SQL Server, MySql
(Database Admin, ODBC, DBCC, Replication, Tuning & Optimization)
LDAP (Directory services integration)
JAVA, interfaced with the CGI, Perl scripts, C++, to operating on an any Database.
Electronic (microwave)
Astrophysics, nuclear physics
Computers / misc operating systems
Playing with new technologies/gadgets
Connecting the world


Seoul, 서울특별시 (July 2015)


Marrakesh (مراكش‎) Maghrib (Aug. 2014)

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand (Aug. 2012)

What is with ‘forgani.com’?
My original surname is Forghanian Elyadarani on my Persian identity card.
This is very difficult to spell and many European people cannot pronounce it. So I changed my surname to Forgani. This is indicated only on my German identity card.All my friends call me Forghani. It is short, easy to pronounce and remember especially for the people who know me.
In South Korea the people call me 오 장소 (Oh Jung Su). I got this name from a Buddhist when I married my wife to overcome all my weaknesses in my live.

Berlin – Brandenburger Tor Aug, 2017

Spain: Barcelona. (April 2017)

update server:
Mem: 2G
debian: 9.5 (stretch) / PHP7
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) 4x CPU E5520 @2.27GHz
Email: mohammad.forgani@hotmail.com

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