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With this plugin, you will be able to add a Classifieds Advertising for Personals, Auto or Business in to your wordpress blog.

Installing the plugin:

Please test the plugin with your theme on a develop machine or a local machine, if the test is successful install it on the production machine.
Click here to download the:
1) last release (classifieds Page in one column) or you may check out a working copy over HTTP.
svn checkout http://svn.wp-plugins.org/wp-classified/trunk/

2) Extract the zip files
3) Upload folder to your site (./wp-content/plugins/wp-classified)
Public Directory
You also have to create an a public directory under wp-content (the public folder must have write permission)
and create the following directories and chmod them to 777 (writable by the webserver.)

4) Login to the administration and go to “admin panel/plugins” and activate the plugin
5) Go to the “Manage” tab of your WP. You have now there a new tab called “WP-Classified Admin”.

6) Go into the Manage — wpClassified —
7) Click on “Add Category”
8) Categories are the MAIN sections of your classifieds. For example, Autos For Sale

9) Now that you have a category, click on “Add List” under the Add/Edit Categories menu.
10) Create a list and then choose its parent category.

Lists are your subsections on your classifieds. For example, “Trucks” would be a list whose parent category would be “Autos For Sale.”
Unless you create lists under your categories, you won’t see a thing on your classified page.

Configure the plugin

Make sure the folder images have the correct writing permissions.

You will need to make the following folders writeable (chmod 777) :

– wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/cache

Add a public directory and upload the images public resources (the public folder must have write permission)

– wp-content/public/wp-classified/

If you upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 please move all public images  form the folder wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/images into the wp-content/public/wp-classified/

Uninstalling the plugin

For uninstalling deactivate the plugin in the WordPress admin menu and delete the wp-classified directory from the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and the page and tables, which are installed by the plugins with drop table in phpMyAdmin.


I create and tested on WordPress version 2.3.2 on default and unchanged Permalink structure.
The plugin works successfully with the latest version of wordpress 2.7.


wpClassified version 1.3


Upgrade Instructions

  1. Deactivate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Backup Database tables *_wpClassified_* and files.
  3. Upload the files to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and overwrite the existing file.
  4. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  5. Please Note: in ‘Classified Options‘ page in admin interface, check that all the required fields are filled in and save!

Questions and Examples of Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the main site gives me the 404 or Not Found error message

This is a .htaccess 404 error message and you should update your .htaccess file in the wordpress root directory.

Q: Who can I collapse the categories as default instead of expanded as default.

Open the file ./includes/main_tpl.php in your favorite text editor.
Edit line: ca. 34
update the ’showAll();’ to ‘hideAll();’
That’s all ;)

Q: I would like to put the last ads in my sidebar. is it possible?

Inside the wordpress admin ‘Design’ menu, ‘Widgets’ submenu, add the wpCalssifieds widget to your blog where you want, then save the changes.

To support Permalink structure:

Normally you should not edit the htaccess, the Permalink link will be detect by plugin automatically.
The htaccess is a way to add the category name to the url or display the post title in the blog url.

This is an example for .htaccess file to redirect to wpClassified for the people who use ‘ /%category%/%postname%/’ as permalink structure
Please open the .htaccess file in the wordpress root folder in your favorite editor and look for line

RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

and replace it with:

#RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
RewriteRule !^(classified)/ /index.php [L]
RewriteRule ^classified/([^/\(\)]*)/?  /index.php?pagename=classified [QSA,L,R,NS]

May be by using  the ‘/%postname%’ or ‘/%category%/%postname%/’ as permalink structure the plugin must work correctly and you do not need change anything.

Q: Warning: imageftbbox() [function.imageftbbox]: Could not read font?

Enable the GD and FreeType Support in php configuration or unselect the ‘Show the confirmation code’ check box  in admin interface

Some words about permission:
if the people post as anonymous, they are identify by their IP address.
Is the IP address a dynamical address, then they get lost after a while and their edit permission.


Changes 1.4 – January 17/01/2009
– January 18/01/2009 fix for Internet Explorer and xampp

– fixed for plugin auto-upgrade
Note: This bugfix release hove to install Manually.
– fixed for the plugin auto-upgrade. (must test with the next coming version)
– moved directories public resources to wp-content

Changes 1.3.1-b – February 09/02/2009
– modify to approve posts before they are published
– fixed the problem with re-size of thumbs images

Changes 1.3.1-a – January 25/01/2009
– update to cover changes between WP-Version  2.6 and 2.7
– fixed the widget control

Changes 1.3.0-a – October 13/10/2008
– Modify to expanded and collapses the Categories
– Modify to show the last post in footer

Changes in 1.3 – September 10/2008
– Update to display-style classified ads in one column
– Added the ad images viewer
– Allowed more images per ad
– All the pages using templates
– Added style sheet for page layout


– comments on individual listings/ads?
– implement the paid service and pay pal options?
– preventing the Bad languages


    • wpclassified@forgani.com


    (Please include wpclassified in the subject of your email.)

157 Responses to “WordPress Classifieds Plugin”

  1. Walt_Felix, 4. September 2008, 21:09

    The plugin worked with the last 4 versions and each time it was upgraded with the automatic upgrade option within wordpress when prompted a new version was available. This time I’ve manually upgraded to the version you release today and I’m still having issues. I can now create a post but they do not display. I received an email indicating “New classified post on your site” and “There are currently test ad Ad(s) in List(s) Awaiting Review Review All Ads“. However, there does not appear to be any way to review and approve the new ads as they do not display in the list nor the admin interface

  2. admin, 5. September 2008, 13:15

    Hi all,
    now it’s time to update the plugin appearance and to implement/improve the style sheet and template to have the option for you to make changes on your own style.

  3. PH, 23. September 2008, 15:27

    Hi Jung-Su,

    I’m brazilian and localized wpclassified for Brazilian Portuguese. How can I send you the pt_BR file?

    I have some other questions about the l18n and l10n:
    – My wp-config.php is setup to pt_BR and the plugin doesn’t get its strings;

    – I moved pt_BR.php file to en.php and not all strings are working in portuguese. Do you know what can be happening?

    – Can I help with some work on plugin’s internationalization?

  4. admin, 14. October 2008, 8:49

    Today ’14 Oct’ I uploaded a new release which contain some bug fixes.
    and update the send mail method and fixed if for the user, who have the problem with send mail.

    Some words about permission:
    if the people post as anonymous, they are identify by their IP address.
    Is the IP address a dynamical address, then they loose their edit permission.
    If they are registered users and the problem still exist in general then it was be a bug.
    and now I fixed it.

    @Leo: Check it out now!
    @Eric Lim: Call to undefined function: imageftbbox():
    Enable the GD and FreeType Support in php.
    or unselect the ‘Show the confirmation code’ in admin interface
    @BGR: nice website. it work from my side.
    Is it possible for you to use 1.3 version?

  5. admin, 25. October 2008, 22:19

    Hi Alan, Thanks for your interest.
    For a long time, I am trying to find out what are the causes of this problem.
    Very helpful information. Thanks ;-)
    And for all people, who do not use category picture please edit the wpClassified.css in the directory
    Line: 146
    and modify the ‘padding-left: 130px;’ to ‘padding-left: 10px;’
    .wpc_main {
    padding: 1px;
    /*padding-left: 130px;*/
    padding-left: 10px;
    margin-right: 10px;
    border-spacing: 0px;
    I think it looks a lot better.

  6. Jung-Su, 26. October 2008, 13:42

    Hi Robert, to fix the problem please edit the file “wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/includes/wpClassified.css”
    Line: 44 und remove the ‘clear:both;’
    .wpc_container {
    border: 1px solid #c5b2b;
    padding: 8px 2px 2px 3px;

  7. Robert, 28. October 2008, 7:51

    Hi, Jung-Su thanks for your tip, but it doesnt works. in IE the design will broken, in FF i can see no change.
    I’m affraid of that is a problem im my wordpresstheme -cordoba- but i didnt find it.

    any other ideas??

    Regards Robert

  8. admin, 2. November 2008, 20:47

    @Thomas, please install the version 1.3 and check if  the problem already exists.
    You can also check the apache error log and give me a feedback. Thanks

  9. admin, 3. November 2008, 12:37

    @Lee, with the release 1.3.0-e you can place the last ads history on the sidebar as a widget.
    1- Go to ‘WP-Admin -> Design -> Widgets’.
    2- You can add the wpClassified Widget by clicking on the ‘Add’ link besides it.
    3- After adding, you can configure the wpClassified Widget by clicking on the ‘Edit’ link besides it.
    4- Click ‘Save Changes’.

  10. admin, 3. November 2008, 14:29

    Hi all,
    Create some lists under main category. It is not possible to post to the parent category.

  11. Robert, 3. November 2008, 22:20

    please take a look at my page why is the look in IE destroyed and in FF or Safari ca show the site right ?

    Please help

    Thanks Robert

  12. Amir, 4. November 2008, 12:54

    @Robert, in Internet Explorer 6.0 your site look ok.

  13. Buster, 7. November 2008, 1:48

    When I try to add a new add a new listing (as a user), it tells me to register or login.

    Even after registering and logging in,  I still get told I need to register or login to add a new listing.

    Any help on that?

  14. Jung-Su, 7. November 2008, 11:12

    @Buster, Please download plugin and install it again and check if the problem already exits.
    Yesterday the upload release 1.3.0-f was not complete and break my connection to the svn server.

  15. Arthur Caby, 11. November 2008, 0:36

    This is such an awesome plugin and I am grateful for the Author for the hard work that obviously went in providing this. I unfortunately am not able to use it because the CAPTCHA will not work. (Previous Post) so I have had to delete it from my site. Hopefully there will be upgrades in the future where this problem will not exist. Again my thanks to the programmer for this plugin and I will be looking for a usable version in the future.
    Thanks Again,

  16. Arthur Caby, 11. November 2008, 23:18

    “Hi Arthur, Sorry, please reinstall with the version 1.3.0-g”
    It was not the software version afterall.

    I deleted all versions from my website, installed 1.3.0-g and the CAPTCHA still did not work. I found that the culprit was “FIREFOX” because it worked fine in windows I.E. and Linux Ubuntu browser Konquerer.(I have Dual Bootable OS’s i.e win98/Linux Ubuntu)but it would not work with Firefox on either OS.

    Is anyone else having problems with this plugin with Firefox?

    Thanks for your help,

  17. Amir, 24. November 2008, 9:04

    This plugin check the IP addresses. If this get the same IP address as you posted then you become permission to Edit/Delete your posts.
    furthermore  the moderators and admins have permission to edit/delete all ads.

  18. Hakon, 25. November 2008, 18:47

    I had problem when deleting an ad. It did only clear the content but not subject. I had to go the database and remove the line of wpClassifieds_ads_subject. Is it a known bug?

    I also like the 5 latest ads sidebar widget, is it possible to get it with in between the 5 different posts. It kinda crowded as is. A link to the photo would perfect the sidebar widget :)


  19. admin, 26. November 2008, 13:42

    The bug was in the old version of plugins.  I think that I fixed this problem for a long time.
    Thanks for report.

  20. Amir, 8. December 2008, 15:15

    @CarpetGuy Here’s a screenshot

  21. admin, 24. January 2009, 9:47

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I was busy with something else at the time.
    I collected the critical comments and reports since last two weeks.
    I have begun implementing the known issues.

    Brian, The version 1.3.1 is available on Monday cliff, The MySQL database error is a warrning. By the way I have already fixed it. (I used to oracle, sorry)

    Elena, The widget issus is fixed in the new version (1.3.1)
    MarcusJ, the structure of classified database does not allow more than one category. but this category can contain unlimited lists.

    The desabling of wysiwyg editor is alerday existing in general setting.

    – disable expiration date
    – deactivate the images in the header

    – approved ads before publishing

  22. steve, 24. January 2009, 20:21

    Hi, I’ve upgraded to 1.3.1a but still need to delete a category and also cannot seem to implement the thumbnail width from within Settings & Options. Any ideas?


  23. admin, 24. January 2009, 23:28


    Delete the categorie and lists done right now. Please update admin.php and wpClassified.php from cvs or install the plugin again.

    sorry i forget to implement the delete categories.
    I will do it tomorrow.

  24. xlife, 28. January 2009, 12:21

    Hi – I dont remember how to set up the classified page and I don’t find this information anywhere.
    use –>  [[WP_CLASSIFIED]]


    To set up the classified page:
    WP Amin interface
    General Settings:Classifeds Page Details
    Classifieds Page Link Name: <EDIT HERE>

  25. Cliff, 28. January 2009, 21:02

    Hi again and thanks for the thoughtful response and update to our input!

    I updated to 1.3.0-a today and see no serious problems. Seems to be working as more-or-less as before on the front end.

    Couple issues I notice are:

    Tried a test ad with an image. The ad showed up as usual with text showing properly. The uploaded image did not show up in the ad area in Firefox but did in Safari. Not sure about this yet. More testing in process.

    One thing that has been either broken in both versions of the plugin I’ve used (or I don’t understand it) is the Users Admin section. It doesn’t allow permissions to be set for users. For example, one of my users is a person I want to be a Moderator so she can create categories and delete ads as needed. When I try to set her profile from User to Moderator in the plugin, it won’t save. Even my profile as the Blog’s first-user admin can’t change my permissions from User.

    Is this malfunctioning? I’m also unsure about what I’m supposed to put in the Title and Ads Count fields.

    Anyhow, thanks again and great work. Looking forward to more updates!

  26. xlife, 29. January 2009, 6:28

    Findin include/_function.php

     $_POST[‘wpClassified_data’][subject] = preg_replace(“/(\<)(.*?)(\>)/mi”, “”, $_POST[‘wpClassified_data’][subject]);
      if (!checkInput($_POST[‘wpClassified_data’][subject])){
       $msg = $lang[‘_INVALIDTITLE’];
       $addPost = false;


    $addPost = false;

    To fix
    The Title should contain only letters and numbers and not more than about 30 letters long

  27. xlife, 29. January 2009, 6:32


    $link_del = get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’).”?page_id=”.$pageinfo[“ID”].”&_action=da&lid=”.$_GET[‘lid’].”&asid=”.$_GET[‘asid’];

    in include/_function.php

    add after

      $sql = “SELECT * FROM {$table_prefix}wpClassified_ads WHERE ads_ads_subjects_id ='”.((int)$_GET[‘asid’]).”‘ “;
      $sql_result = mysql_query($sql );
      $data = mysql_fetch_array($sql_result );
      $pic = $data[‘image_file’];
        $dir = ABSPATH.”/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/images/”;
            $delpic = $dir.””.$pic.””;

    to delete images after delete ads

  28. xlife, 1. February 2009, 18:43

    hi admin :) this time i got new problem in widget … maybe  :O

    somtime the title of widget  (Last Classifieds Ads) is disappear !
    after i added to my sidebar 
    because i’am adding Classifieds description ? :O ( before )

    and i remove/add  Classifieds widget ( default value is Last Classifieds Ads, if  edit is no problem )

    after that i can’t doing anything in Classifieds such as  Search,post ads,edit ads
    it aways goes blank page. So i trying to remove  wp_Classifieds_xx all database of Classifieds
    and restore it

    .. it worked !

    i don’t know what’s happen :(


  29. Omer, 3. February 2009, 5:22

    WP 2.7   with   1.3.1-a

    If I may make a suggestion: The permissions instructions should indicate that the permissions need to be set before activation.
    Is the ip address used to identify a poster wishing to edit their post after they’ve logged off? On my installation I’m able to edit my posts even though I am not logged in.
    Thank you,


  30. The guests/users will be identified by the IP-addresses of the computer they used, when they posted their ads.
    And so they get the permission to edit their posts.
  • dan, 3. February 2009, 14:43

    So the permissions are set by IP address not set by user ID?
    the ip-address identify is another way to give permission to the users
    (this is thought only for guests).
    If the user gets its IP-Address via a DHCP server, then he loses his permissions.
    The registered user always has full permission on all of his posted ads.

  • steve, 4. February 2009, 0:03

    Hi – tried that but to no visible effect. Any other ideas?

    Yes, sure
    Edit wpClassified.css and add the following to the top of the file


    to completely remove all table borders.

    And in line 153
    .wpc_main {
    remove the background-color or change the color
    background-color: #f4f1ee;
    It will look better

  • steve, 4. February 2009, 11:11

    Perfect! That did the trick :o)
    Any ideas on how to remove the category I created , then deleted the name but still appears? Would imagine I have to remove a row in the WP db table but not sure which one?

    download the latest version and rewrite the files.
    I implemented the code for remove categories and lists for one week ago.

    don’t rewrite wpclassified.css stylesheet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kamal, 6. February 2009, 18:07

    Can anyone let me know how to add the last 5 ads section on wordpress homepage.
    What are codes for it?

    file: /includes/_functions.php
    function: get_last_ads($format) { (line 762)
    see the list of Available Widgets in your Admin Dashboard click the Appearance

  • just, 8. February 2009, 6:02

    Hi I am getting database error,
    WordPress database error Table ‘wp27.wp_wpclassified_categories’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT * FROM wp_wpClassified_categories ORDER BY position ASC made by do_action, call_user_func_array, adm_structure_process
    WordPress database error Table ‘wp27.wp_wpclassified_lists’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT * FROM wp_wpClassified_lists ORDER BY position ASC made by do_action, call_user_func_array, adm_structure_process

    It tells you that the plugin is not correctly installed.

  • Jaggs, 8. February 2009, 22:46

    Is there any way to use CHMOD 755, as 777 is a massive security risk? And does the plugin mess with the .htaccess file at all on installation?
    The programs like WordPress are a hackers paradise. be cool ;)

  • admin, 9. February 2009, 8:57

    Hallo @ll, 
    I upload a new release of plugin to svn.  1.3.1-b
    Added a new option for “approve before publish” to the plugin settings site and two new item to language files.
    Please install or rewrite the scripts and update settings.

    Do not rewrite the stylesheet file or language file , if you have changed them.

    For some users, they become problem with the insert media may be is now fixed.
    And fixed the problem with re-size of thumbs images

  • Renan Andrade, 9. February 2009, 12:12

    I’m using the wpclassified in my site, but it’s not work, in the category links its not request the id of pages, how i can fix it ?

    Something is wrong with the page id. (The page id is missing)
    Please uninstall it, remove the complete plugin and install again.
    if is possible install on a develop machine or a local machine and if the test is successful install it on production server

  • Karin, 9. February 2009, 16:27

    Hi, is it possible to know which files you modified from 3.1.1-a to 3.1.1-b?? I translated the whole plugin into Spanish and if I upgrade by replacing the files, I will lose my translation…

    And two new item from language file (end of file).

    By the way if you have not problem with the previous version then you do not need to update files.

  • leslie, 9. February 2009, 18:55

    Great Plug in Thanks! Can you please add a functionality to increase the font size & font type in your next update. That would be really nice.

    You can edit the stylesheet file ‘wpClassified.css’ to change text colors etc.

  • Cliff, 11. February 2009, 4:59

    I’ve noticed two issues with the 1.3.1b update:
    1) With pre-approval turned on, creating a new ad immediately shows a number next to the category the ad creator chose. When you click on the category to view the new ad, nothing is there. 

    1) Increase the number of Ads by post, I did by request from a user to indicate the admin??

    2) The email the plugin produces to alert the admin to the new ad for approval has an “Approve” link that takes you to a page without an “Activate” button. In fact it shows a “Deactivate” link instead. Confusingly, this is remedied by an extra step of clicking the “Edit” link and then an “Activate” link shows. 

    2) I hope this fixed too, please rewrite the file admin.php from SVN repository

  • Amir, 14. February 2009, 17:17

    Dave, remove/delete lines 142, 143,144 from includes/_functions.php.
    These are parameter for the template, comming in the next version so as far as i understand

  • icesnake, 21. February 2009, 16:29

    hi, i have a big problem.
    if you go here http://www.steiner-wohnmobile.ch/?page_id=42 you will see the classified, but if  i click on a classified, it returns on the homepage. the firts hour it works great, but now, never works, i have change nothing.

  • Cina, 22. February 2009, 10:21

    Hi icesnake ; )
    Ich denke Du hast den Post title nach etwas anders als ”[[WP_CLASSIFIED]]’ umbenannt.
    Das Umbenennen kann man in admin Interface machen.
    Falls nicht geändert hast oder willst Du so lassen wie jetzt ist, dann mach folgendes:
    Editiere die function get_wpClassified_pageinfo in Datei settings.php Zeile 58

    und kommentiere die gesamte function get_wpClassified_pageinfo wie folgt
    function get_wpClassified_pageinfo(){
    global $wpdb, $wpc_page_info, $table_prefix;
    if ($wpc_page_info == false){
    $wpc_page_info = $wpdb->get_row(“SELECT * FROM {$table_prefix}posts
    WHERE post_title = ‘[[WP_CLASSIFIED]]'”, ARRAY_A);
    if ($wpc_page_info[“post_title”]!=”[[WP_CLASSIFIED]]”){
    return false;
    return $wpc_page_info;

    und ersetze mit folgendes:
    function get_wpClassified_pageinfo(){
    global $wpdb, $wpc_page_info, $table_prefix;
    return 42;

    Das warst und ich hoffe klappt es.

  • Jeremy Hertman, 5. March 2009, 23:18

    the wordpress classified theme is really nice. I purchased.

  • Chris, 19. March 2009, 22:52

    Yay! I reinstalled it. It works!

  • LogoBlink, 22. March 2009, 17:03

    hi, again.
    I saw another problem – when I type something in my search box – no results appear – “No posts matched your search terms.” I use words that are already existing as a real ads… and don’t understand why this is happening.

    I’ve tried the same thing on your demo page : http://www.forgani.com/classified/
    and the problem is there, too.

    Any hints how to fix this ? :)
    PS: the website is here : http://NaOferta.com/

  • Sonny, 22. March 2009, 20:44

    admin please remove all sitemile AD, basically sitemile is just pirated of wpglamour  and claim is their own project …..
    Please don’t buy or support Digital THEFT.
    Sitemile = THEFT.

  • Seppo, 2. April 2009, 12:52

    Looks like a great script. Some features I’d like to see in future releases are:
    -Several pics per add
    -Automatic resizing of pics when they are uploaded.

    BTW, I’d like to translate the script,  is there a ready .po file somewhere?

  • carlos porras, 20. September 2009, 23:18

    I have set up the plugin and it displays woderfully. The problem is that in the front end I dont see the link or field to ADD A NEW CLASSIFIED, just the category and list links that are empty (because we cannot add any classifieds). What is missing or what do I have to do? http://playitadelcarmen.com/?page_id=54 THANKS!

  • Amir, 22. September 2009, 14:58

    @carlos porras
    I think, that you have problem with htaccess.
    The page_id will be not shown!

  • carlos porras, 23. September 2009, 5:58

    Cool! But… How can I fix it? I can’t even find the htaccess… I am not that wp savvy but I am learning quite fast… Any suggestions?

  • Reed, 25. September 2009, 18:53

    Hi there,

    Awesome plugin! Thank you.

    Just wondering, is there a way to make the link in the “Website URL” field active after an ad has been placed?


  • Nick, 11. November 2009, 6:06

    Excellent plugin – though I am having a display issue in FireFox where there is a lot of blank space on a category page to the listing.  The listing is showing up all of the way at the bottom of the page making it look as if there is no ad placed for a particular category.  Here is an example URL:  http://theamericastop.com/classified/?_action=vl&lid=12

    Please remove all ‘ clear:both; ‘ form wpclassified.css style sheet file in ./css directory and the site will look well.

  • Hakon, 22. November 2009, 17:05

    On the Changelog on wordpress.org (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-classified/changelog/) it says that 1.3.2.g is available for 2.8.6 but on 1.3.2-a is there. Where can I download the “G” from?



    The 1.3.2.g is not a official release but the code has been changed and implemented in the current version 1.3.2 on svn.

  • cybergirl, 8. January 2010, 12:37

    I’ve installed the plug-in and it works well. Nevertheless I’m having two problems: when somebody submits an ad I receive the admin notify mail:

    This e-mail has been sent to notify you that an Ad has been posted at your site ‘xxxx’,and is pending review/approval.

    The Ad and user information is as follows:
    Aufgegeben von : admin
    Title: xxxx
    List: xxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxx

    The link to the website, which was posted in the ad is missing in the mail. In the table wp_wpClassified-ads_subjects, column “web” I cann see the Url.

    The second problem is RSS-Feed, and it also does not work here. The feed refers to the main page, and not to the feed or page for feed-subscription.

    I also have one question: I cannot understand the date in wp_wpClassified_ads_sujects, column “date”. There is a date like this: 1262942498 Which date ist this ? Ad was posted for 90 days.(according to column “txt”) in same table.

  • cybergirl, 8. January 2010, 19:54

    Another bug I’ve found: The button “cancel” on form “Edit ad by User” is without any function. You can save the amendments, but not cancel.

  • Moe Rutksi, 10. January 2010, 1:06

    Hi, I’m getting the following error code under the User Admin section.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_wpc_user_field() in /home/.dazy/marginal/montaukyouth.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/settings.php on line 657

    I am unable to add posts to the classified.

    line 657 in file settings.php
    update and change to the
    $namefield = $wpClassified->get_user_field();

  • admin, 11. January 2010, 8:23

    BUGFIX    -> WP_Classified::handle_pagetitle

    <b>FIND line 87 in wpClassified.php file</b>
    update ->’handle_pagetitle'<- and CHANGE TO page_handle_pagetitle

    Here’s the correct changes:
    add_filter(“single_post_title”, array(&$wpClassified,”page_handle_pagetitle”));

    Replace all files:

    I just Upgraded to WordPress 2.9. Please download the plugin again and replace the complete
    files (13 Jan 11:00 UTC)

  • Cornel Achi, 12. January 2010, 20:32

    I am trying to save an ad but without any succes.
    I get the following error: “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.

    Oh sorry, i forgot to checkin the code for plain text
    Please download and replace the files

  • cybergirl, 14. January 2010, 10:04

    Hi thxs for update. Nevertheless I’m getting great problems with wpclassified plugin
    1) textfield for text ad at “ad classified” is too big, it does not integrate in the used theme. Can you please tell me in wich file I can reduce the window-size of text-ad.

    –> You can edit the stylesheet file ‘wpClassified.css’ to change the width and text colors etc.
    if exists a lot of blank space on a category page then remove all ‘ clear:both; ‘ form wpclassified.css style sheet file.

    2) there are great loading problems when you call wpclassified (used theme is deep-blue). Deep blue works without wpclassified very well.

    3) FF webmaster-tool says: tiny/tinymce is misscoded. Also the setting “posting style -> HTML with TinyMCE” does not work.

    –> This version use the tinyMCE text editor of wordpress. Maybe it’s missing some files, images or directories. You can use the web developers tools for firefox to find missing files
    for example(depend on wp version): the Javascript en.js file missing in “wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs”
    for fixes download the latest version of tinyMCE unzip and copy the missing files in the right folder.

    I work with WP 2.9.1 (also it doesn’t work with 2.9), Theme deep-blue 1.1, Firefox 3.0.17 (the same problems also with IE 8.0 and Opera latest version).

  • cybergirl, 14. January 2010, 13:21

    new bug is found:

    User cannot delete ad. It seems that button has an invalid code. Please check
    thanks, It’s already fixed in yesterday’s upload

  • cybergirl, 14. January 2010, 19:09

    Thx for quick reply.

    1) Where can I get download for tinyMCE. I’m using also TinyMCE advanced backend for my posts. It works great. Yes I think ther are some files missing as you told.
    2) regarding Style Sheet: I can not find any specific style for the textarea (wpClassified_data[post], i.e. width for text area on wpClassified.css. Is there another name for that ?
    All ads where posted with 1,5 rows between lines. Can I reduce this? if yes which codename in .css is that ?

  • cybergirl, 14. January 2010, 19:24

    Delete ad by user -> Whiche files I have to replace, I did many code-adaption and don’t want to “destroy” it.

  • cybergirl, 14. January 2010, 19:51

    tinyMCE I’ve downloded from actual WP version and uploded on server. Now I cann see it on ads posts. Thx. BUT loading is getting catastrophal. According to Webmaster-tools from FF I’m getting many, many errors like:

    anonymous function does not always return a value, test for equality (==) mistyped as assignemt (=)?, function b does not always return a value, always for wp_includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/editor_templat.js

    And also errors like:

    assignment to undeclared variable a2a_linkname, linkurl, show title, color_main, color_border, color_link_text, color_link_text_hover.

    Option tinyMCE so does not work, i.e. slows down loading of the site, so I better use other option, BUT here I must adapt width of textarea because it is in the left sidebar (template has two sidebar columns)

    in the file: functions.php
    line 657 update the cols=’60’ and reduce the number of columns
    i am using wp2.9.1. It’s the same code used here in running and the page load time is short.

  • Francesca, 17. January 2010, 18:10

    I’m trying to install your plugin but everytime Wp gives me back an error message like this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /web/htdocs/www.puntoacapo.info/home/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/language/lang_it.php on line 181
    What can I do?
    I’m using Wp 2.9.1. Thank you in advance.

    remove the line

  • admin, 17. January 2010, 20:43

    I just upload the version 1.4 that fix the problem with the wordpress plugin auto-upgrade.
    Note: This bugfix release hove to install Manually.

    – fixed for the plugin auto-upgrade. (must test with the next coming version)
    – moved directories public resources to wp-content

    January 18/01/2009 fix for Internet Explorer and xampp

  • Steve, 18. January 2010, 3:07

    I’m having the same problem I’ve seen others are having — when a new ad is submitted it gives an error “Email is Required”. I’ve tried all the options that others have reported trying but nothing seems to help.

    version 1.4
    January 18/01/2009 fixed for Internet Explorer and xampp

  • Hummel, 20. January 2010, 16:35

    Hi great tool,

    but I got the following error “Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘wpclassified_admin_page’ was given in /kunden/265321_50354/webseiten/bwkendenich/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 339″
    Is there any workaround?

    –> Which wp version are you using?

    many thanks in advance

  • Hummel, 20. January 2010, 20:54

    The function.call-user-func-array Problem
    I´m using WordPress 2.9.1.

    PLEASE remove the line 112 starting with [add_management_page($this->menu_name, …]
    from the file ./plugins/wp-classified/wpClassified.php

    I hope it’s fixed now.
    It was a bug! I updated the code on SVN. Thanks.

  • Nicolas E., 20. January 2010, 22:12

    Hello Mohamed!
    Thanks for your efforts!
    One question, I’d like to set a user as an “admin” or “moderator” , however, I’m not able to change the preference it always comes back as “user”. I’m using WP 2.8.4
    Please help us,

    Thanks Nicolas E.

    –>Good point. Well, i don’t know for sure.I think that this maybe is a bug or the plugin is not compatible. This weekend I will run some test cases to find the causes of the problem.

  • tchipman, 28. January 2010, 5:48

    I got it all installed, but when I go to add a item, I am getting the following error.  Went through your notes, but did not see any clean answer on that.


    Webpage error details
    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; Media Center PC 4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    Timestamp: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 04:46:22 UTC

    Message: ’email’ is undefined
    Line: 165
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: http://ghhc.com/ghhc/?page_id=25&_action=pa&lid=2

  • Amir, 28. January 2010, 14:25

    hi tchipman,
    missing the submit button and the footer on posting page. The working copy might be broken.
    you please download and install it again.

  • tchipman, 28. January 2010, 16:15

    reinstalled and got same error..  

  • samantha, 13. February 2010, 10:23

    I installed it on my site but pagination is not working.
    I set the number of aximum ads per page to 10 but it is still showing more than 10.

  • Noel Kelly, 15. February 2010, 18:51

    Having tried two of this person’s plugins I have had to say that they simply don’t work, or else are not suitable for offering to the public.   The time that it took to fix our site after installing them was about two hours work.  DO NOT USE THEM

  • Morocco Blogs, 16. March 2010, 0:36

    Salaam Mohammad,

    I tried installing the plugin but after working successfully for about two minutes, it suddenly stopped showing categories and lists and deleted my right sidebar from the page. When do you think you will release the next automatic wordpress version? Any suggestions to fix this? I’d love to run it, but it just won’t work now.



  • Morocco Blogs, 16. March 2010, 0:59

    Salaam Mohammad,

    It turns out that when I clear my cache, the ads show up. Is there an easy fix for this? Maybe one file I can upload to make it stop doing this? I’m on a very slow connection and can’t ftp easily. Anyone else have this issue?

  • yaugai, 20. March 2010, 12:31

    Thanks for providing useful & wonderful Plugin. The problem occurred when I attempted to change user permission at Users Admin Screen. Registered users in my blog are properly listed there but once I’ve changed permission by using pulldown menu from User to Administrator and saved the setting, it won’t take effect. I checked it many times but the user permission status stays only as User. Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance.

  • njrbarros, 22. April 2010, 16:40

    Hi Forgani,

    I’ve installed WP Classifieds in my site (http://www.nbarros.net/?page_id=710) and customized into Portuguese.
    When I try to create a new ad, after clicking “Guardar anuncio” (same as “Save ad”), it only shows an empty page and in the wp-classifieds administration panel there is no ad at all. Also I do not receive any email confirming that the ad was created.

    I’m using WP 2.9.2 and wp-classifieds 1.4.1

    Can you give me any help solving this problem?

    Thanks and regards.

  • Forgani, 26. April 2010, 10:28

    Hi njrbarros,
    Please check errors given in the apache error log.
    you please check the
    public directory and upload the images public resources (the public folder must have write permission)
    – wp-content/public/wp-classified/

  • Florin, 9. May 2010, 16:23

    I can’t erase your Adsense code and I can’t submit a classified ad.

  • cina, 14. May 2010, 13:12

    sources are currently being updated and fixed the activation process in administrator Interface.
    download and replace admin.php file

  • dems, 23. June 2010, 8:13

    Hi- Just installing the classifieds plugin- firstly, thank you very much for what looks like it is going to be an excellent plugin!

    I have read your installation guide and have changed wp-classified/cache to 777 but when i go to  the initial settings in settings and options- i see this
    Directory CheckerCheck Directory Permission ! =>/home/scrapcra/public_html/flowernetwork/wp-content/public/wp-classified/
    Are there supposed to be further permission changes? and if so, what are they to be?
    Many thanks.

    Do you create a public directory under WP-CONTENT?
    You also have to create a public directory under wp-content (the public folder must have write permission)
    and create the following folder and chmod them to 777 (writable by the webserver.)

    e. g.
    cd /home/scrapcra/public_html/flowernetwork/wp-content
    mkdir -p public/wp-classified; chmod -R 777 public

  • David, 10. August 2010, 22:09

    Why don’t you just REMOVE this plug-in from the WordPress site if you’re not going to develop it anymore! Total waste of space to park an obvioulsy ABANDONED and  USELESS plug-in in the repository. OR turn it over so it can be further  developed by someone who gives a damn.

  • cina, 15. August 2010, 12:14

    Hi David,
    The plugin belongs to creator. Also it’s his own Issue what to do with it.
    If you do not like this plugin, you can search and find the same plugins for wordpress or other blogs platforms.

    As it was indicated in the readme of the plugin, you tested first and then installed if the test was successful otherwise you can only report the bug.

  • Tiago, 19. August 2010, 20:32

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\Users\Tiago\Desktop\EasyPHP5.3.0\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\wp-classified\settings.php on line 553

    in update users, help plz…

    /* FIX as fllowed 
    * line 553 - 559
    if (isset($_POST["user_info"])){
       foreach ($_POST["user_info"] as $k=>$v){
       $wpdb->query("update {$table_prefix}wpClassified_user_info set ".implode(", ", $update)." where user_info_user_ID='".$id."'", ARRAY_A);
  • Diane, 19. October 2010, 15:56


    I’ve installed the plugin, added categories and lists but the given link to the page doesn’t work:

    I searched the problem and found the suggestions to add[[wp_classified]] to a page but that doesn’t work either.

    Where is the page?

    Thanks for you help.


  • Diane, 20. October 2010, 6:21

    this is weird…I turned off some plugins and now the list shows but how do submit an ad? 


  • Behrus, 28. October 2010, 11:04

    Dear Diane,
    you installed the plugin more than one time
    Please remove the page number 29 & 30 & 31 if exsits.
    The correct plugin page is page_id=32

    also: http://orbestoffer.com/?p=32&_action=pa&lid=1

  • Diane Cox, 1. December 2010, 19:56

    The classifieds page doesn’t display properly.  Can you take a look and tell me why?  I am using THesis 18 as the theme. http://bca-atlanta.org/bca-classified.

  • admin, 11. March 2011, 9:00

    If the plugin appearing DOUBLE on the page to fix the problem please open the file includes/_rss.php in a text editor comment out these lines ca. 42 – 47
    if (empty($wp)) {

    I have been fixed the issue in svn.

  • Rune Kristoffersen, 28. April 2011, 16:53


    I am using facebook like and send buttons on my page and they are programmed to share a excerpt on facebook, issue is that i get this syntax shared on facebook: [[WP_CLASSIFIED]]

    Is there a way to fix that?. When i removed it from title then system just created a new site with it in place again..


  • admin, 29. April 2011, 10:10

    facebook humm!
    I had not thought about it. I keep trying to find a solution to this problem.
    Or I will integrate things like Facebook “Like” buttons for every post. (this weekend. Hop)

  • Rune Kristoffersen, 13. May 2011, 20:20

    Sounds like a good idea :)

    But I had to disable the plugin and go into it with some “investigation”, somehow it conflicts with BP Mag theme from buddydev.com.. In IE explorer some pages loose all style, only text and links is left back. And within BuddyPress members edit profile tables and sidebars moves to the bottom of page..

    I hope that buddydev.com also will look into this conflict


  • Tracy, 16. May 2011, 2:58

    Yeah, this plugin doesn’t work and just wasted about 3 hours of my life. Not cool.

  • Hubert, 18. May 2011, 23:48

    Hi admin. Can you tell me how can I change the language ?

  • Timothy Truong, 25. May 2011, 7:38


    I’ve just started to use wp_classifed and it works great.  

    I like to have a tooltip (jquery tooltip plugin) showing (image & text) when mouseover.  How can I do it?  I have some background in programming.

    Very much appreciated for help on my problem.

  • Angelo, 26. May 2011, 21:25

    I have installed this plugin on the latest version of WordPress 3.1.3
    My problem is that the main page to the classifieds is showing my wordpress version number
    “http://wordpress.org/?v=3.1.3” right on the same line as the search box.

    I have disabled the plugin until I can figure out why and stop this. 

    Any suggestions?

  • Sitemaster, 30. May 2011, 8:20

    For your information I have made a complete brush-up of the WP-Classified plugi-n. All the language hardcoding is change to a variable for own language. Also the design has got som fixes. I’ll send it to Forgani later so he may  launch it as  a version 1.4.3 or higher.

  • Sitemaster, 30. May 2011, 8:59

    You may make a fast and dirty fix to get ridt of the “http://wordpress.org/?v=3.1.3″ underneath the breadcrump.

    /* Style Definitions */
    {mso-style-name:”Tabel – Normal”;
    mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt;
    mso-fareast-font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    include_once (dirname(__FILE__).’/_rss.php’);)
    Arround line 56. Mark it out this way:

    /* Style Definitions */
    {mso-style-name:”Tabel – Normal”;
    mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt;
    mso-fareast-font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    //include_once (dirname(__FILE__).’/_rss.php’);)

    This should do it.

  • lacendi, 31. May 2011, 3:28

    @Angelo: Place in your theme’s functions.php file and add these lines:

    // Remove Generator Completely

    function remove_wp_generator() {
    return ”;
    add_filter(‘the_generator’, ‘remove_wp_generator’);

    // if you want your own text to appear rather than removing it…do this:
    function my_custom_generator() {
    return ‘This is my custom text’;
    add_filter(‘the_generator’, ‘my_custom_generator’);

    // End Generator Completely

  • ashler, 6. June 2011, 18:45

    Hello every one, I have tryed this plug in on 2 website but it does note work.
    I dont know what to do

  • Essam, 7. June 2011, 22:18

    Dear All,
    I tryed wp-classified but I’m still receiving  404 page
    Please check  http://nut-hut.com/wp/index.php?pagename=classified
    I’m not a programer but I can pay to solve this issue  please advice

  • giorgio, 21. June 2011, 10:42

    i have the same problem of angelo .
    i have tried to fix it with your suggestions but i cant find what you write in the file WP-CLASSIFIED/INCLUDES/_FUNCTIONS.PHP

  • Leesa, 23. June 2011, 11:57

    I’m also getting a 404 error when I click on a list title. So I haven’t been able to test out posting capability because I can’t get into the list to post an ad. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Tractari Auto, 22. August 2011, 15:36

    For me doesnt work. I got some errors. error 202 what is this error ?

    Thank you.

  • Ole Rasmussen, 22. August 2011, 17:17

    I’ve installed WP_Classifyeds and it works like a charm :-)
    I’ve set it up to allow 6 pictures in the adds.
    I can upload 6 pictures but it only shows 3 pictures in the add :-(

    What can I do to fix this? HELP

    I run Classifieds version 1.4.2-a
    WordPress version 3.1.4  

    I can’t upgrade WP because there is other software running on the server that requires MySQL and PHP in specific versions

  • Tony, 30. August 2011, 16:26

    I’ve installed this pluggin successfully and am now in the process of personalising it to my needs.
    I’m trying to change where it says “Place Your Announcement in this category:” to “Click HERE to place your Ad”

    Can anyone please tell me which page to edit this text?? 

  • Tommy, 6. October 2011, 15:49

    Im pretty new to wordpress. I have installed the plugin as the directions stated above and done the settings in the back office.
    I saw a URL in the settings, this is my classified URL right? When I click on it is says paid cannot be found.
    My question is, after installation and creating my categories what do I do next to view it on my blog?

  • Enrique, 1. November 2011, 11:47


    I’ve installed

  • Enrique, 1. November 2011, 11:53


    I’ve installed wp-classifieds in WP 3.2.1 and it work perfectly except for that any visitor of the web can edit the adds and even delete them.

    Thanks in advance

  • junnydc, 16. November 2011, 8:18

    Thanks for this but I’m using  other theme for classified sites.

  • Polly, 8. December 2011, 18:07

    Tony – how did you get the images to work – They will not download for me.  Thanks

  • Youras Ziankovich, 19. December 2011, 2:48

    I made Belarusian language module for your plugin. Where can I send it to you to publish? Thank you for good job.

    Thank you very much for your interest.
    Email: wpclassified@forgani.com
    (Please include wpclassified in the subject of your email.)

  • rems, 26. December 2011, 14:28

    Hi and thx for this plugin
    my problem is that the captcha give us 3 letters instead of 4. so 9 times to 10 its not working because one letter is missing in the captcha.

    please help

  • Sukarja, 29. December 2011, 1:41

    Assalamu’alaikum brother,..

    I can not post the classified  in   http://klasikaiklan.com/?page_id=34

  • Vincent Vega, 21. February 2012, 23:11

    Hi there,
    i tried to add the recent classified ads to my sidebar. But there is no widget shown by the plugin. Everything works fine, but the widget doesn’t appear in the widgets list. Is there any possibility to hard code the five recents ads into the sidebar.php?

    Would be nice to receive an answer.

  • Gadgets, 22. February 2012, 12:55

    I subscribe to Vincent, there’s no widget. How can we display the latest xx ads in the sidebar?

  • Iwona, 12. March 2012, 11:39

    Welcome. Can you help solve the problem with your Wordpress Classifieds Plugin?Once activated, it does not have access to the administration panel. What might that be?Your plugin is great and the damage that did not work. My version of WordPress 3.2.1

  • Mohamed, 13. March 2012, 11:20

    salem Alaikim Mohamed, many thanks for your great job I just installed this plugins it works but user can’t read the ad and cann not add a new one any suggestion what is wrong   http://www.bousaada.org/?page_id=5

    You installed the plugin two times.
    page_ids 545 and 546

    You should remove the page with the id number 546.

    here is the correct page:


  • Mohamed, 13. March 2012, 15:49

    Salem Mohamed many thank for your answear, page 546 dosn’t exist what I have done is to delete the tables und reanstall them and now it works, 
    I still have an other question what’s about language translation I have 3-4 languages on my homepage (I am using Qtranslate).
    bourika fik
    G. Mohamed

  • adam, 21. April 2012, 15:31

    why plugin not works on my blog ? installed ok! but on the my blog form classified not appeared ! how show form classified on my blog ? i  must create page to form , if yes , what code to write on the page to show form classified on the blog !?
    excuse me i bad speak English !

  • adam, 21. April 2012, 15:37


  • adam, 21. April 2012, 18:05

    i have a problem withe plugin !any  number phone write , but  incorrect !. why ?

  • adam, 21. April 2012, 18:12

    problem withe message  ( Please enter a valid phone number!(optional) ) 
    i write numper phone correct

  • erich, 24. May 2012, 14:43

    I erase the comment that appears on the main display box and wrote my own description and now the plug in does not work, how do I restore it back to default

  • Peter Shaw, 25. May 2012, 19:56

    Hi. I cannot see how you add an ad to this! Am I missing something ?

  • anto, 27. May 2012, 17:45

    Dear mate

    Does your plugin must installed with openclassified theme ? or can be with any other themes ? Thanks

  • Farhad, 27. May 2012, 19:41

    @adam, you and maybe some other user here mixed something.
    The WP-Classified has nothing to do with the openclassified. It is a free wordpess plugin and works with each themes.

  • anto, 9. June 2012, 3:40

    dear mate, thanks i have tested installed, i have important questions how many categories that we can make ?

    Thanks again

  • gary, 11. July 2012, 14:15

    hi im having problems with the plugin and i believe the error is htaccess but my site is an under folder of the main site so im not sure how to change htaccess correctly… will you take a look please, we would very like your plugin on the site. thanks gary

  • gary, 11. July 2012, 15:57

    ihi again ..problem solved its working now. thanks

  • diablo 3 auction house iphone app, 21. July 2012, 5:42

    Αppreciаte thіs post. Let me trу it out.

  • matija, 7. August 2012, 15:33

    For me this plugin works perfectly, so far.
    But i have one little problem, i’m from croatia, and my website is totaly on croatian, so I need to translate
    most of this plugin.
    Can anyone please tell me where do I find php or html code to change form text, descriptions etc…
    Thank you!

  • Mihai, 5. October 2012, 3:46

    You tried going to .../wordpress/393-revision/?_action=vl&lid=1, and it doesn’t exist. All is not lost! You can search for what you’re looking for. How can we fix this ? 

    Thanks for your report
    We’ve just fixed the code in svn repositories.
    You can take a copy of the last code or update your code from svn

  • Franz, 19. October 2012, 21:35

    I use wp 3.4.2 and installed the last version ODlinks.
    In the admin-area
    by clicking ODLinks (…./wp-admin/admin.php?page=odlinks/includes/odl_funktions.php)
    and ODLINKSSettings (…./wp-admin/admin.php?page=odlinkssetting)
    BOTH shows “General Setting” .

    I can add Categories but I´m unable to add any Business.

    What could be the problem?

    yesterday I’ve fixed some tiny bugs.
    release 1.3.0-f


  • Marek, 17. December 2012, 13:56

    I’m using wordpress 3.4.2, wp-classified 1.4.2.b, I use Polish (/ language / lang_pl.php). Unfortunately, on my blog there is no wp-classifeied translation into Polish.
    I got an error:
    Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at / wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/language/lang_pl.php: 1) in / wp-includes/option.php on line 563
    Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at / wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/language/lang_pl.php: 1) in / wp-includes/option.php on line 564
    I’m sorry, but I know little English.
    I greet
    sorry, the language file was created on windows. Windows does write the newline character end of lines.
    so I fixed it now.

  • Attique, 31. January 2013, 21:37

    Dear, i have installed wpclassified plugin and running successful but when categories shows at main page search bar not shown just like at classified demo. If anybody knows about this, plz help me out

    Please. put here or mail me your site URL and I will check in. Regards, …

  • Erik, 2. March 2013, 11:17

    Using your plugin and it works well. But, i was wondering if it´s possible to use like ImageMagick or similar for imageuploading? Some people don’t understand how to change imagesizes :-/
    Any tips on how to make the plugin resize attached images?


  • Daniela, 4. June 2013, 16:24

    Hello, if I want to add a category, it does not work. Category does not add and writes wpClassified No tables found in database, May be you simply forget to save settings?
    Classifieds Category Saved!
    What is wrong?
    Please can you help?
    I’m sorry, I do not understand English

  • Nico, 4. July 2013, 12:27

    Hello, how are you? COuld you say me if there is a way to get CATEGORIES in 3 columns and NOT 1 columns? Thanks!!

  • http://adultvideogames.wordpress.com, 29. July 2013, 13:40

    What’s up, yup this post is really fastidious and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging. thanks.

  • Mike, 15. October 2013, 1:24

    The plugin is getting the wrong page id.  I can see in the various links that its expecting a page_id of 118 but there is no page with that id.  The classifieds page is 117.
    Has anyone seen this problem before.

    Hi, installed it multiple time before remove the previous version

  • THALITA JAYA, 10. November 2013, 6:18

    kok nggak bisa download ya..

  • PETE, 28. March 2014, 8:37

    I have installed and worked out wp-classifieds…
    two notes: 1)when i clear cache plugin requests reinstall (!!)  and 2) when i make a list item read only still accepts add submissions – is that normal??
    thanks in advance for reading this
    if you find anytime please respond
    Pete Livos

  • babu, 17. April 2014, 6:44

    Hi if i have enable the permalink i am getting the wpcareers along with the wpclassified url.How to remove the wp careers from the url.

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  • Bhaskar J, 22. August 2014, 11:30


    I have used wpclassified plugin for my website… This will stop working to upload an image…. How to fix the issue…


  • Bhaskar J, 25. August 2014, 9:57


    WpClassifieds Plugin shows

    The plugin generated 612 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    Pls suggest me…

  • ales, 9. October 2014, 14:37

    I have problem with slovenian charahter dont show correct
    i need repair that lang code you use for that plugin
    where i find this

  • Rajiv, 12. February 2015, 12:15

    How To Slove This Problm

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for wpcList(), called in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/settings.php on line 171 and defined in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/includes/_functions.php on line 119

    Plz Send My Mail Addresh rajivchoudhary8717@gmail.com

    open this link and show problm :-http://jhunjhunudarsan.herobo.com/wpcareers/?_action=vl&lid=8

  • Rajiv, 20. February 2015, 12:20

    How To Fix This Problm

    Missing argument 1 for wpcList(), called in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/settings.php on line 171 and defined in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/includes/_functions.php on line 119

    you can please update settings.php on line 171 and change to:

    This is a warning, try to turn off warning message in php.
    will fix in svn now!

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