• This Week in Security: NetUSB, HTTP.sys, and 2013’s CVE is Back

    Let’s imagine a worst case situation for home routers. It would have to start with a port unintentionally opened to the internet, ideally in a popular brand, like Netgear. For …read more

  • This End Times Cyberdeck is Apocalypse-Ready

    In the cyberdeck world, some designs are meant to evoke a cyberpunk vibe, an aesthetic that’s more lighthearted than serious. Some cyberdecks, though, are a little more serious about hardening …read more

  • Affordable HF Loop Antenna Reviewed

    Modern ham radio operators often face restrictions on antennas. This has made small antennas more popular, despite some limitations. [Tech Minds] reviews the GA-450 indoor active HF loop antenna and …read more



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