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 Computer and Internet (389)
 Community, Weblogs(111)  Graphic & Web Design(53)
 Hardware, Hosting & Utilities(43)  News & Media(47)
 Programming & Security(27)  Video & PC Games(32)
   Travel Guide resources page (99)
 Airline, Airport, Tickets(5)  Car and Bus Rentals(13)
 Maps and Directions(3)  Tourism Services(20)
 Transportation and Logistics(7)  Travel Tips & Resources(10)
 Animals & Farm Supplies (34)
 Agriculture and Forestry(3)  Farm Machines & Tools(3)
 Food and Related Products(3)  Medicine & Organizations(0)
 Natural World, Animals(2)  Pet Accessories & Services(7)
   Arts and Humanities (79)
 Beauty & Fashion(16)  beauty supply store(4)
 Cosmetics, Hair(4)  Costuming, Modeling(5)
 Painting and Photography(16)  Poets and Literary(1)
 Automotive (37)
 Buyer Services & Dealers(6)  Consumer Information(2)
 Equipment & Supplies(1)  Finance & Credit(6)
 Internet Sales(1)  Service Insurance(6)
   Business & Society (219)
 Business Services(48)  Marketing & Advertising(39)
 Organisation & Management(19)  Seekers & Employers(23)
 Technical assistance(11)  Training and Awards(9)
 Health Portal, Medical (145)
 Beauty & Medicine(22)  Lifestyle & Relationships(14)
 Psychology & Therapy(5)  Shop & Laboratory(6)
 Social Sciences(5)  Sports & Fitness(29)
   Home & Family (66)
 Accessories Market(5)  Children and Teens(6)
 Drawing & Coloring(1)  School Time(6)
 Sports and Hobbies(6)  Studying and Learning(8)
 International Website (125)
 African Portal sites(4)  European & American(34)
 Japan, Korea & China(17)  Near East or West Asia(5)
 Persian & Arabic(10)  Russian & Slovensky(15)
   Real Estate & Auction Services. (26)
 Apartments, Home & Garden(3)  Appraisal, Appraisers(0)
 Brokerages & Finance(0)  Commercial Real Estate(1)
 Real Estate & Auctions(6)  Real Estate Agents & Brokers(2)
 Science, Technology (37)
 Architecture & Design(2)  Automotive & Mechanical(5)
 Departments, Conferences(2)  Engineering & Natural(5)
 Publications & News(6)  Technology and Medicine(3)
   Shopping & Gifts (110)
 Buying and Selling(9)  Clothing, Food, Gifts(19)
 Communications system(1)  Comparison & Reviews(5)
 Electronics & Electrical(15)  Toys, Music, Books...(12)


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