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Gas meter counter with reed switch and ESP-12E

This project helps you to monitor the consumption of your home gas meter remotely over the internet by using pulse counting methods.

Make a Solar System Energy Monitor with a Sonoff Basic

The goal is to get an opportunity to collect the information round the power of my solar system in real-time operation and to find out how efficient it is for long-term usage, and more.

This project is able to measure currents by using a CT Sensor. Finally the data is sent via WiFi and can be displayed in a simple Blynk app on mobile.

Microwave Radar Sensor LED light

Microwave Radar Sensor Module AC 220V LED Ceiling Lamp

Product model: YX-3012
Work voltage: AC 180V-240V

The sensor works very well, but unfortunately we cannot change the delay time of the light.
You can adjust delay time for the sensor to switch the light off once it does not detect motion.

DIY Home Energy Monitor

A system to control the energy usage and monitoring the current of the 3-Phase AC load of your home in real time.
This system helps you to remotely monitor the used energy for each of the three-phases.
You can also monitor the three-phase line for unbalanced voltage consumption and also ideally equally distribute the load with the consumption over the 3 phases.

By using a simple blynk app you can visualize and analyze the data in real-time.

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