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Gas meter counter with reed switch and ESP-12E

This project helps you to monitor the consumption of your home gas meter remotely over the internet by using pulse counting methods.

Make a Solar System Energy Monitor with a Sonoff Basic

The goal is to get an opportunity to collect the information round the power of my solar system in real-time operation and to find out how efficient it is for long-term usage, and more.

This project is able to measure currents by using a CT Sensor. Finally the data is sent via WiFi and can be displayed in a simple Blynk app on mobile.

Microwave Radar Sensor LED light

Microwave Radar Sensor Module AC 220V LED Ceiling Lamp

Product model: YX-3012
Work voltage: AC 180V-240V

The sensor works very well, but unfortunately we cannot change the delay time of the light.
You can adjust delay time for the sensor to switch the light off once it does not detect motion.

DIY Home Energy Monitor

A system to control the energy usage and monitoring the current of the 3-Phase AC load of your home in real time.
This system helps you to remotely monitor the used energy for each of the three-phases.
You can also monitor the three-phase line for unbalanced voltage consumption and also ideally equally distribute the load with the consumption over the 3 phases.

By using a simple blynk app you can visualize and analyze the data in real-time.

LED Cube 8x8x8

This document describes my experience with building and programming a 3D Squared 8x8x8 LED Cube.

Solar Monitoring System

This system helps you to remotely monitor the power of  your solar panels, batteries and the DC load with a smartphone from anywhere.
It’s based on the Nodemcu ESP-12 WiFi module and Blynk application.

Build a Quiz Game Buzzer for 3 players  with lights and sounds

The scenario is when one of the player press it’s button (the fastest player wins this), the led of push button lights up saying the player is in control. It disables the other buzzers until the master release the game by pressing a button on the main unit and the buzzer is ready for the next action.

Geiger Counter with Arduino and 16×2 LCD display

Here are the steps how I made my Geiger counter. (گایگر مولر – Geiger-Müller-Zähler)

Clock with LED Strip and NeoPixel Ring

DS1307 Real Time Clock with two Arduino pro mini to display the time

Motion detector with light & mp3- player

Make motion detector light/switch with mp3 player

Ceiling Light with direct & in-direct light

Das soll Ihnen Mut machen und ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Nach-basteln.


Dieses Dokument schildert meine Erfahrungen beim Bau eines Sternenhimmels und soll gleichzeitig als Anregung für Leser dienen.

Rotary phone Pulse to DTMF Converter

program a microcontroller to get dual-tone multi-frequency from a Rotary phone Pulse.

AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor

Processing program (processing-2.2.1 release)

Raspbian und Kodi

Raspberry Pi 2 and live Persian Television

Transistortester GM328

ESR meter, frequency counter, square wave generator

Philetta 234L BD234U/L RadioPhilips Uranus 54/BD733A (BX732A)

Bj ca. 1953 reparieren, restaurieren.

DDS Signal Generator

DDS Signal Generator (about 12€  aliexpress)

Tonband Röhrengerät – Simonetta TB-11

Tonbandkoffer von Firma Quelle. Bj.: ca. 1960

Solarpanel selber bauen

(Home Made Solar Panel)
Möchte ich euch schreiben wie ich mein Solaranlage gebaut habe.


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