DFplayer  module is quite small and looks good for little project.

The module read only audios in MP3 and WAV formats and all audio files must be placed under /mp3 folder.
It’s required that files are named like 0001.mp3, 0002.mp3…..0255.mp3 (4 letters not 2 or 3 letters)
The file names can have any characters after 4 digits, such as 0001_oclock.mp3


DFPlayer Mini module and Speaker
SD card – 2GB ~ 32GB formatted with FAT or FAT32
MP3 / WAV – audio files
2 x 1kOhm resistors

How to connect the cheap DFPlayer mini module to an Arduino:

The DFPlayer mini has three modes in which mp3 files can be played.
1) The files are stored in the root directory of the SD card.
2) Files are stored in folders, numbered 01-99, with filenames 001-255.mp3
3) Up to 2999 files are stored in the directory “mp3” with four-digit filenames 0001.mp3-2999.mp3
The serial connection need 1K ohm resistor (3.3 volts vs. 5volts arduino)

Reading the DFRobotDFPlayerMini.h is very instructive and easy to read:

void playFolder(uint8_t folderNumber, uint8_t fileNumber);
void playLargeFolder(uint8_t folderNumber, uint16_t fileNumber);
void playMp3Folder(int fileNumber);


mp3_play (74); means play audio file 0074.mp3

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