Billing, Invoiceing, Ordering, Quoting, CRM

phpBMS Project phpBMS is web-based, open source, Business Management Software (BMS).
phpBMS is designed for small and mid-size enterprises looking for an integrated system to manage their business.

managing daily operations,
creating and printing invoices + orders + quotes,
tracking clients and prospects, and
fulfilling accounts receivable needs.

NolaPro The NolaPro suite is a flexible world-class system designed for any size business. This suite includes complete web-based accounting services and allied business functionality.
Vertical Overview: Accounting + Business Software
Licence Cost: $0 / Freeware

Complete Accounting

Payables/Vendor Info
Payroll/Employee Data

Business Management

Inventory Tracking
Order Entry/Shipping
Administrative Control

Ecommerce Features

B2B Web Portal
Point-of-Sale (POS)
Editable Shopping Cart

PhreeBooks Accounting Was developed as an open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) web-based application written for the small business community.

Licence Cost: $0 / Freeware

Separate Customer and Vendor Account Information
Full Inventory Management and Tracking
Complete Financial General Ledger Accountability
Banking Support, Including Check Writing, and Bank Account Reconciliation
Flexible Import and Export Capabilities
XML Interface To E-commerce Shopping Carts (currently Zen-Cart)
Robust Reporting and Form Capability
Expandable Shipping Manager
User Level Security
Context Sensitive Popup Help System (using PhreeHelp)

phpCoin phpCOIN is used by over thirty-five thousand people worldwide*, including web-hosts, designers, lawyers, accountants, and a school band.


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