With this plugin, you will be able to add a Classifieds Advertising for Personals, Auto or Business in to your wordpress blog.

Installing the plugin:

Please test the plugin with your theme on a develop machine or a local machine, if the test is successful install it on the production machine.
Click here to download the:
1) last release (classifieds Page in one column) or you may check out a working copy over HTTP.
svn checkout

2) Extract the zip files
3) Upload folder to your site (./wp-content/plugins/wp-classified)
Public Directory
You also have to create an a public directory under wp-content (the public folder must have write permission)
and create the following directories and chmod them to 777 (writable by the webserver.)

4) Login to the administration and go to “admin panel/plugins” and activate the plugin
5) Go to the “Manage” tab of your WP. You have now there a new tab called “WP-Classified Admin”.

6) Go into the Manage — wpClassified —
7) Click on “Add Category”
8) Categories are the MAIN sections of your classifieds. For example, Autos For Sale

9) Now that you have a category, click on “Add List” under the Add/Edit Categories menu.
10) Create a list and then choose its parent category.

Lists are your subsections on your classifieds. For example, “Trucks” would be a list whose parent category would be “Autos For Sale.”
Unless you create lists under your categories, you won’t see a thing on your classified page.

Configure the plugin

Make sure the folder images have the correct writing permissions.

You will need to make the following folders writeable (chmod 777) :

– wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/cache

Add a public directory and upload the images public resources (the public folder must have write permission)

– wp-content/public/wp-classified/

If you upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 please move all public images  form the folder wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/images into the wp-content/public/wp-classified/

Uninstalling the plugin

For uninstalling deactivate the plugin in the WordPress admin menu and delete the wp-classified directory from the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and the page and tables, which are installed by the plugins with drop table in phpMyAdmin.


I create and tested on WordPress version 2.3.2 on default and unchanged Permalink structure.
The plugin works successfully with the latest version of wordpress 2.7.


wpClassified version 1.3


Upgrade Instructions

  1. Deactivate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Backup Database tables *_wpClassified_* and files.
  3. Upload the files to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and overwrite the existing file.
  4. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  5. Please Note: in ‘Classified Options‘ page in admin interface, check that all the required fields are filled in and save!

Questions and Examples of Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the main site gives me the 404 or Not Found error message

This is a .htaccess 404 error message and you should update your .htaccess file in the wordpress root directory.

Q: Who can I collapse the categories as default instead of expanded as default.

Open the file ./includes/main_tpl.php in your favorite text editor.
Edit line: ca. 34
update the ’showAll();’ to ‘hideAll();’
That’s all ;)

Q: I would like to put the last ads in my sidebar. is it possible?

Inside the wordpress admin ‘Design’ menu, ‘Widgets’ submenu, add the wpCalssifieds widget to your blog where you want, then save the changes.

To support Permalink structure:

Normally you should not edit the htaccess, the Permalink link will be detect by plugin automatically.
The htaccess is a way to add the category name to the url or display the post title in the blog url.

This is an example for .htaccess file to redirect to wpClassified for the people who use ‘ /%category%/%postname%/’ as permalink structure
Please open the .htaccess file in the wordpress root folder in your favorite editor and look for line

RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

and replace it with:

#RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
RewriteRule !^(classified)/ /index.php [L]
RewriteRule ^classified/([^/\(\)]*)/?  /index.php?pagename=classified [QSA,L,R,NS]

May be by using  the ‘/%postname%’ or ‘/%category%/%postname%/’ as permalink structure the plugin must work correctly and you do not need change anything.

Q: Warning: imageftbbox() [function.imageftbbox]: Could not read font?

Enable the GD and FreeType Support in php configuration or unselect the ‘Show the confirmation code’ check box  in admin interface

Some words about permission:
if the people post as anonymous, they are identify by their IP address.
Is the IP address a dynamical address, then they get lost after a while and their edit permission.


Changes 1.4 – January 17/01/2009
– January 18/01/2009 fix for Internet Explorer and xampp

– fixed for plugin auto-upgrade
Note: This bugfix release hove to install Manually.
– fixed for the plugin auto-upgrade. (must test with the next coming version)
– moved directories public resources to wp-content

Changes 1.3.1-b – February 09/02/2009
– modify to approve posts before they are published
– fixed the problem with re-size of thumbs images

Changes 1.3.1-a – January 25/01/2009
– update to cover changes between WP-Version  2.6 and 2.7
– fixed the widget control

Changes 1.3.0-a – October 13/10/2008
– Modify to expanded and collapses the Categories
– Modify to show the last post in footer

Changes in 1.3 – September 10/2008
– Update to display-style classified ads in one column
– Added the ad images viewer
– Allowed more images per ad
– All the pages using templates
– Added style sheet for page layout


– comments on individual listings/ads?
– implement the paid service and pay pal options?
– preventing the Bad languages




    (Please include wpclassified in the subject of your email.)

142 Comments on “WordPress Classifieds Plugin

  1. Hi there,
    i tried to add the recent classified ads to my sidebar. But there is no widget shown by the plugin. Everything works fine, but the widget doesn’t appear in the widgets list. Is there any possibility to hard code the five recents ads into the sidebar.php?

    Would be nice to receive an answer.

  2. Welcome. Can you help solve the problem with your Wordpress Classifieds Plugin?Once activated, it does not have access to the administration panel. What might that be?Your plugin is great and the damage that did not work. My version of WordPress 3.2.1

  3. Salem Mohamed many thank for your answear, page 546 dosn’t exist what I have done is to delete the tables und reanstall them and now it works, 
    I still have an other question what’s about language translation I have 3-4 languages on my homepage (I am using Qtranslate).
    bourika fik
    G. Mohamed

  4. I erase the comment that appears on the main display box and wrote my own description and now the plug in does not work, how do I restore it back to default

  5. Dear mate

    Does your plugin must installed with openclassified theme ? or can be with any other themes ? Thanks

  6. @adam, you and maybe some other user here mixed something.
    The WP-Classified has nothing to do with the openclassified. It is a free wordpess plugin and works with each themes.

  7. dear mate, thanks i have tested installed, i have important questions how many categories that we can make ?

    Thanks again

  8. hi im having problems with the plugin and i believe the error is htaccess but my site is an under folder of the main site so im not sure how to change htaccess correctly… will you take a look please, we would very like your plugin on the site. thanks gary

  9. Hi
    For me this plugin works perfectly, so far.
    But i have one little problem, i’m from croatia, and my website is totaly on croatian, so I need to translate
    most of this plugin.
    Can anyone please tell me where do I find php or html code to change form text, descriptions etc…
    Thank you!

  10. You tried going to .../wordpress/393-revision/?_action=vl&lid=1, and it doesn’t exist. All is not lost! You can search for what you’re looking for. How can we fix this ? 

    Thanks for your report
    We’ve just fixed the code in svn repositories.
    You can take a copy of the last code or update your code from svn

  11. I use wp 3.4.2 and installed the last version ODlinks.
    In the admin-area
    by clicking ODLinks (…./wp-admin/admin.php?page=odlinks/includes/odl_funktions.php)
    and ODLINKSSettings (…./wp-admin/admin.php?page=odlinkssetting)
    BOTH shows “General Setting” .

    I can add Categories but I´m unable to add any Business.

    What could be the problem?

    yesterday I’ve fixed some tiny bugs.
    release 1.3.0-f


  12. I’m using wordpress 3.4.2, wp-classified 1.4.2.b, I use Polish (/ language / lang_pl.php). Unfortunately, on my blog there is no wp-classifeied translation into Polish.
    I got an error:
    Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at / wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/language/lang_pl.php: 1) in / wp-includes/option.php on line 563
    Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at / wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/language/lang_pl.php: 1) in / wp-includes/option.php on line 564
    I’m sorry, but I know little English.
    I greet
    sorry, the language file was created on windows. Windows does write the newline character end of lines.
    so I fixed it now.

  13. Dear, i have installed wpclassified plugin and running successful but when categories shows at main page search bar not shown just like at classified demo. If anybody knows about this, plz help me out

    Please. put here or mail me your site URL and I will check in. Regards, …

  14. Hi!
    Using your plugin and it works well. But, i was wondering if it´s possible to use like ImageMagick or similar for imageuploading? Some people don’t understand how to change imagesizes :-/
    Any tips on how to make the plugin resize attached images?


  15. Hello, if I want to add a category, it does not work. Category does not add and writes wpClassified No tables found in database, May be you simply forget to save settings?
    Classifieds Category Saved!
    What is wrong?
    Please can you help?
    I’m sorry, I do not understand English

  16. Hello, how are you? COuld you say me if there is a way to get CATEGORIES in 3 columns and NOT 1 columns? Thanks!!

  17. The plugin is getting the wrong page id.  I can see in the various links that its expecting a page_id of 118 but there is no page with that id.  The classifieds page is 117.
    Has anyone seen this problem before.

    Hi, installed it multiple time before remove the previous version

  18. hi
    I have installed and worked out wp-classifieds…
    two notes: 1)when i clear cache plugin requests reinstall (!!)  and 2) when i make a list item read only still accepts add submissions – is that normal??
    thanks in advance for reading this
    if you find anytime please respond
    Pete Livos

  19. Hi if i have enable the permalink i am getting the wpcareers along with the wpclassified url.How to remove the wp careers from the url.

  20. Hi,

    WpClassifieds Plugin shows

    The plugin generated 612 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    Pls suggest me…

  21. I have problem with slovenian charahter dont show correct
    i need repair that lang code you use for that plugin
    where i find this

  22. How To Slove This Problm

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for wpcList(), called in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/settings.php on line 171 and defined in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/includes/_functions.php on line 119

    Plz Send My Mail Addresh

    open this link and show problm :-

  23. How To Fix This Problm

    Missing argument 1 for wpcList(), called in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/settings.php on line 171 and defined in /home/a5288471/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-classified/includes/_functions.php on line 119

    you can please update settings.php on line 171 and change to:

    This is a warning, try to turn off warning message in php.
    will fix in svn now!

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