DDS Signal Generator (Device Voltages)dds-circit

DDS Signal Generator (about 12€  aliexpress)

AVR ATMEL ATmega16A chip, clocked with 16MHz

Standard HD44780-based 2×16 LCD module

R2R DAC made of simple resistors

LM358N low power dual op amplifier

Device requires voltages: +5V, -12V, +12V, GND. -12V and +12V.


It has two outputs – one for DDS signal and another for high speed 1 to 8MHz

1- High speed (HS) signal is direct output from Atmega16 OC1A(PD5) pin.
2- DDS output range is from 0 to 65534Hz. It generated via R2R resistor network via LM358N offset and amplitude regulating circuits.

Offset and amplitude can be regulated by two

2a- Offset can be regulated in range +5V..-5V
2b – Amplitude in range 0..10V.

Not good for me (Isfahani). Where can I find a small and simple power supply.
For awhile I used a PC ATX PSU. It is too large and took place.

Now I build a power supply using by two small boards

MC34063A positive voltage negative voltage module 3.6v-36v reverse voltage
and MT3608 DC-DC Step Up or DC/DC buck module 12V turn 5V3.3V LCD power supply

together about 4.5$



Programming of the ATMEGA16 with usbtiny programmer

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  1. Good morning, I have seen your project and it is very good to adapt the input, but I wonder if you could pass me the programming of the atmega16 ic because mine is broken and I am going to change it and I need to program it but I cannot get the code, if you could send it to me . Greetings and thank you

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