Build a clock with LED strips and NeoPixel ring

DS1307 Real Time Clock with two Arduino pro mini to display the time

The clock consists of:
1- One meter long WS2812B Strip with 60 LEDs
2- NeoPixel 1/4 60 Ring – 5050 RGB LED
3- LCD 128×64 ST7920
4- DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player to talking date and time and to play clock sound as a Pendulum Wall Clock
5- IR sensor for remote control
6- WS2812b & DS1307 with Arduino + DS18B20 temperature sensor
7- DCF77 module to receive time signal broadcast on 77.5kHz
8- 2 x Arduino pro mini 5v

ساعت آنالوگ و تقویم گرافیکی

IR sensor does not work. Fixed, The problem was noise on IR detector VCC pin.

The source code of DCF77 module and ST7920 LCD can be download from here
The source code of DS1307, IR Remote and DFPlayer can be download from here

The LED strip uses PWM, so it draws pulsed current. This could either lead to a strong ripple in the supply or to ground noise.
It’s important to isolate the IR sensor from electrical noise, If the IR sensor, DCF module and LED strip using a common power supply.
To filter the IR sensor power, I used 100 Ohm resistor followed by a 47μF capacitor

Speech processing of time and date have background noise.
Fixed in which two resistors in series with Rx and Tx.
The TX/RX pins of the module are connected to the RX/TX of the Arduino via serial 2k resistors.

DFPlayer TX (pin 3) to Arduino pin 10 via a 2kΩ resistor
DFPlayer RX (pin 2) to Arduino pin 11 via a 2kΩ resistor


  • Still open bug, DCF77 module set the time but later will be overwritten by RTC.




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