Clock with LED Strip and NeoPixel Ring

DS1307 Real Time Clock with two Arduino pro mini to display the time

The clock consists of:
1- One meter long WS2812B Strip with 60 LEDs
2- NeoPixel 1/4 60 Ring – 5050 RGB LED
3- LCD 128×64 ST7920
4- DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player to talking date and time and to play clock sound as a Pendulum Wall Clock
5- IR sensor for remote control
6- WS2812b & DS1307 with Arduino + DS18B20 temperature sensor
7- DCF77 module to receive time signal broadcast on 77.5kHz
8- 2 x Arduino pro mini 5v

ساعت آنالوگ و تقویم گرافیکی

  • IR sensor does not work.
    Fixed, The problem was noise on IR detector VCC pin.

The LED strip uses PWM, so it draws pulsed current. This could either lead to a strong ripple in the supply or to ground noise.
It’s important to isolate the IR sensor from electrical noise, If the IR sensor, DCF module and LED strip using a common power supply.
To filter the IR sensor power, I used 100 Ohm resistor followed by a 47μF capacitor

  • Speech processing of time and date have background noise.
    Fixed in which two resistors in series with Rx and Tx.
    The TX/RX pins of the module are connected to the RX/TX of the Arduino via serial 2k resistors.

DFPlayer TX (pin 3) to Arduino pin 10 via a 2kΩ resistor
DFPlayer RX (pin 2) to Arduino pin 11 via a 2kΩ resistor


  • Still open bug, DCF77 module set the time but later will be overwritten by RTC.




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